Happy 2010!

January 4, 2010

I’m so excited to get this year underway! I think it’s going to be spectacular. Bryan and I rang in the new year with great family and friends and that always gives me a good feeling about a new year.

Starting it off with a new colorful look to the site and blog. I adore this color blue- it’s the color of our bedroom walls. Actually, my bedroom in the last apartment was this color also. THAT’S how much I like the blue!

See that wall? I didn’t lie! Jack’s taken to perching on the back of my computer chair, sometimes she watches the monitor over my shoulder to make sure I don’t say anything bad about her.

We’ve got a new design, new clients lined up, and a new fresh perspective after all the reading I’ve been doing over the break. Sounds like a recipe for a good new year, right? I’ve been working on finalizing both personal and business goals. What are some of yours?

So, here’s to you, 2010- and YOU in 2010!

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