What IS that?

December 20, 2009

I got an email after posting the pictures of Special Agent Jack Bauer asking what the heck is going on in the laser picture. I guess maybe I should break it down?

The picture in question:

The laser pointer is actually one we picked up in a drug store. Bryan had an old one that she played with a little but the beam kept dying so we found this one cheap. It has mini cutouts of a smiley face, star, and what seems to be her favorite, the butterfly. So that’s what she’s chasing in the picture.

The other question was, “What’s that on the door?” Oh, you mean Spider-Man.

Bryan collects action figures, and one of his favorites is Spidey. This one has magnetic feet so he hangs out above the peep-hole on the door incase any bad guys show up. The knit piece is the first thing I ever tried knitting (and one of the last!). Bryan thought it was hysterical to have Spidey scratching his head over it. It almost looks like he tried to shoot a web and is confused over what came out! Random, I know, but posting this made me laugh!

And with that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Back in 2010 with a new design!
….and probably 100 more pictures of the cat!

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