Baltimore Pet Photographer: Adopt a Shelter Pet!

May 18, 2010

Today, for the first time since I started volunteering at the shelter, I found out that a couple of cats were put to sleep.   I’m pretty devastated by it, as all first timers probably are butI can’t imagine it gets easier to deal with. What makes me feel worse is thinking about what great pets these animals would be to someone and they got passed over time and time again. =(

When I first met Dr. House at the Humane Society of Harford County, he had a habit of easily alienating people with his frisky nature. He was labeled as unsafe to be handled by kids and I’m sure that was the reason he had been at the shelter for so long. I can imagine a cat unsuited for children is the kiss of death for any families with kids!  Luckily, I was attracted to his demeanor because it reminded me so much of Jack’s and I took him home with me before it was too late.

Well I’m proud to say that he is the sweetest, most loving cat that I could possibly imagine!  This afternoon, I started to get a migraine. After I took some Tylenol, I kneeled down on the floor in front of my bed and just laid my head on it for a minute, hoping the light sensitivity would go away so I could continue my day.  House had been laying on the floor near my desk, but jumped up on the bed and laid next to my head because he knew I wasn’t feeling well.  I could barely believe that the same cat I met at the shelter a few months prior was this same sweet cat trying to comfort me.  He still has the energy of 5 cats but now he balances it with all the cuddling you can handle!  I had been worried about him and Special Agent Jack Bauer getting along, and 6 weeks later they’re best buddies.

That’s right, they roughhouse when we’re watching and then secretly spoon on the couch when we’re not!  Please, please, PLEASE if you’re interested in getting a pet, check out your local shelter! It breaks my heart to lose such great pets due to overcrowding.

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