Baby Abbie

November 11, 2009

We all thought Abbie was going to come early. Each day we waited for baby news and none came.  Turns out that she ended up being a week late! Her mom was so uncomfortable but Abbie just wanted to keep cookin’!  She got a little bruised during her first appearance, but nothing a cute headband can’t fix. =)

We did a little impromptu session at the house.  I wish we had started earlier to catch the light but the sun started to sink right after I got there.  Grr daylight savings!  Abbie’s mom set up a cute fall prop table that’s not normally my style, but how could I resist?

Abbie started to get a little fussy, so mom took her into the nursery for a bottle and another outfit change.  She was really on top of the styling!

We tried to lay her in the adorable crib for some shots but she screamed her head off, resulting in one of my fave photos: the crying child.  I don’t know what it is about it, but I think it’s a perfect photo opportunity to get them while crying because it’s something they do so often and sometimes so briefly.  While mom tried to settle her down, I took some detail shots of the super cute nursery.  I wish I had gotten more! It’s impeccably styled in hot air balloon fashion, including a ceiling painting and a round crib.

I adored this little mobile, even though it has a creepy heartbeat setting.  Something about a fake heartbeat like that just makes me think of horror movies or The Tell Tale Heart.

Abbie still wasn’t having it even after a little break, so we ended the session there and made plans for a few months out. Don’t worry, you’ll see more of this little girl!

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