Baltimore Pet Photography: Baxter Loves Fetch

July 10, 2010

Baxter is the shyest dog you’ve ever met.  He will not come near you unless he’s known you for years. He has one favorite person, and he sticks to them like glue.  Unless you have a tennis ball in your hand.  He’ll be your best friend as long as you’re willing to keep up the game of fetch.  This made our pet photography session a little hard.  Throw the ball with one hand, focus with the other, and shoot like mad as he comes running back towards the camera, like so:

He drops the ball a few feet away from you, and gives you a smile to make sure you’ll be throwing it again soon.  And you will, because it’s hilarious to see his little legs run as fast as they do!

I love how his short little legs get lost in the grass that isn’t high at all!

Guarding the ball, taking a short breather.

This picture cracks me up!

Someone else picks up the ball and he’s not happy about it!

He pouts as the ball is put away, and refuses to look at the camera any longer!

Love the crazy perspective of a dachshund body!

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