Cocktails for Cats- Saturday November 3, 2012

October 28, 2012

This past month has been hectic with fundraisers for Charm City Animal Rescue, BMore Humane, and BARCS. This is the last one on the calendar for CCAR this year, so come on our to Harvey’s Pub in Essex, MD! There are lots of raffles and prizes including a Pandora Bracelet, a “Basket of Cheer” (alcohol, scratch offs, etc), and of course a mini session with Blue Bomb Photography! The money raised goes to spaying and neutering cats in the community to lessen the burden on shelters for the next kitten season.

Come support a great cause, win awesome prizes, and help cats lose their baby-makers!

Long Overdue

August 16, 2012

This blog post is insanely overdue. This past year has been a rough one and once I stopped with the blog, I never really knew how to pick it up again. Well, since there probably isn’t a “right” way, here we are. At 2:30am. On a Wednesday night/Thursday morning. After an overnight flight from California.

Last year my fiance and I broke up. My best friend, who was alive by a miracle, got married and then passed away unexpectedly a few months later. My aunt became ill and passed away only a few weeks after that. My cousin got in a giant mess of legal trouble. My best friend had her baby 2 months prematurely and was living at the NICU. Things just fell apart at the seams and keeping up with the site was not in the cards.

Luckily the dust has settled and it hasn’t all been negative. I shed 40 lbs and plan to keep going (I always thought the “exercise relieves stress” thing was a joke but working out really saved my sanity on many occasions). I’ve met amazing new people and reconnected with old friends. I’ve been able to take trips this summer which hadn’t been possible previously. My favorite band reunited for a week of shows and I was able to shoot them. I saved more kitties. There’s been plenty of fabulous shoots. And I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.

Yup, there’s been huge ups and downs and lots of loss, but somehow I’ve survived and I’m back and ready to rock this place once again. There are lots of sessions to be shared so stay tuned!

Bullies and Babies: Hudson and Gavin

May 31, 2011

This Bullies and Babies shoot was so much fun.  It was a beautiful sunny day and Hudson was excited to get out and just run, while 3 year old Gavin was excited to get out and play with his buddy.




Goodbye Purplesaurus!

May 7, 2011

Meet my purple Taurus, Purplesaurus.

I’ve only owned one car.  I’ve probably driven less than 10 in the 11 years since I started driving (NY doesn’t let you get a license until 17). It was used as a company car where my father worked and when its time with the company was over, my parents purchased it as a surprise for me.  For some reason I loved that car and they got a good deal so that 1996 bad boy was all mine.

Wondering about that color? Factory, baby!  It was a very limited color (probably a mistake!) called “Dusty Rose.”  The title to it actually says red.  Red!  I’ve seen VERY few, maybe around 25 of them, since I’ve had it, and I’ve seen them mostly when I’m out of state on some random trip. I liked that it was unique. Though I did always have a fear that someone who was mad at me would see it parked somewhere and mess with it. Luckily that never happened!

I took a trip home to NY in it, and it got me safely there and back. The next day, I had to work in Baltimore and it got me there and back as well. That day, our apartment complex was having trees trimmed so the guys asked if I could park somewhere else and I got back in her and tried to start her up. That’s when she took her last breath, and the ignition popped out. So sad! The tree guys didn’t believe me so they each took a turn trying to turn the key and saying “The ignition really did pop out!” The electricity managed to come on but we couldn’t turn it back off, so then I tried to pop the hood to disconnect the battery and the release didn’t work. I had to get a hammer and pry the hood up and then the tree guys disconnected the battery for me. I was laughing like a maniac because for some reason, each thing got funnier than the last. I guess when it rains it pours!

The picture is from when a guy from came to get it. I’ll admit, a few tears were shed. It was like losing a family member! The creeper maintenance guy sat eerily close to the car as the guy was hooking it up to get towed. He sits in the parking lot like that all the time…but that’s probably a post all of its own.

I had been looking at new cars because I had a feeling that was going to happen soon. She had stalled on me a time or 2 in the parking lot at home and I was starting not to trust that I was always going to get home safe. So that same day I ended up going out and getting a car that I was looking at, a blue Dodge Avenger.
blue dodge avenger from topcarpics.comfrom

Not the fanciest car out there, but I drove the least fancy car possible for 11 years so anything is an improvement! It’s roomy, has a lot of trunk space, and is fun to drive. The “serious” car reviews didn’t rate it very highly, but it was highly rated by all the people who actually owned one. After test driving it a few times, I decided to go with the owners’ opinions. And hey, at $4 a gallon for gas the 4 cylinder engine and 32 miles per gallon is pretty sweet.

White Marsh Pet Photographer: Charm City Animal Rescue Foster Cat Domino

April 17, 2011

With sadness I must say that I’m no longer affiliated with HSHC. They’re sorely in need of policy changes and I hope to support those changes in the very near future.  That said, I made friends with Michelle and Charm City Animal Rescue and have started fostering!  I don’t know how often we’re going to do it since our living situation isn’t ideal for keeping Jack and House separated from the foster for long.  But it’s exciting to make even a small difference to these kitties.  It’s good to have a place to volunteer while waiting on Luna’s House to get up and running in their new building.

Our first foster kitty came and went really fast.  Bryan fell in love instantly because he was a big cuddle bug.  Bryan desperately wants a lap cat which ours are not.  Well, not for him. House will lay on me.  Especially in the middle of the night when I don’t even know it! Ha. Domino’s quarantine room was Bryan’s video game room so they got to spend a lot of quality time together. Domino was adopted within a week so he only got to hang out for a few days but he enjoyed watching birds with our cats and running up and down the hallway with House.  I think House liked having a running partner. Jack is very moody about her exercising!

Anyway, now Domino is in his forever home with a woman who loves him which makes me happy. Bryan prefers not to talk about it. ;)


Bullies and Babies

March 16, 2011

Perhaps if you’re not Baltimore based, you haven’t heard about this controversy.  This article has now been edited to add that the dogs were mistakenly labeled as pitbulls, but not before 98 Rock’s morning show personalities had a breed-bashing session on air.  The broadcast certainly stirred up an enormous response that I doubt the station was ready for! Facebook has been buzzing for days.  Pit supporters from all over have been posting Facts vs. Myths, personal stories, and just spreading the love while the opposing side seems to think that the dog lovers don’t give a fig about the little girl who was injured.  What?! How could people who are supporting the lives of neglected dogs sweep a child’s tragedy under the rug?!  That root error seriously undermines any point that was attempted to be made.  Like I’ve said before, I never really had much contact with pitbulls before this past year and didn’t have much of an opinion on them either way.  But the more I’ve met from volunteering at the shelter, the more I’ve fallen in love with these dogs- and have yet to be bitten.  That’s not true for beagles, springer spaniels, mutts, chihuahuas, and probably others I’ve forgotten.  Heck, I’ve been beaten up by more cats than dogs!

Anyway! What struck me most was all the pictures that were being posted of people’s kids with their pits.  The love that you can feel between the child and dog is unreal, just in these simple camera phone snapshots!  Which sparked my idea for a “Bullies and Babies” shoot!  I love the idea of doing some sessions with young children and their bully breed best buddies.

Session info: A mini-session can be done at your home, in a park, etc.  Anywhere your dog and child will feel comfortable. They usually lasts between 20-30 mins and yields between 10 and 15 images.  You’ll receive a complimentary print and some web-sized images to tag the heck out of on Facebook to show your Bully pride!  Other images will be available for purchase, with proceeds going to help Baltimore rescues spay and neuter their pits!

If you have a child under 5 and a bully breed, please email me to discuss a complimentary mini-session (in or around Baltimore/Harford County please)!!! If you don’t have a child, borrowing one is fine too! =) Let’s get some Pit-positive imagery out into the world!

Happy 29!

March 15, 2011

Today is my birthday.  It snuck up on me this year, that’s for sure! If Facebook didn’t let me know that yesterday was Pi Day (3.14, get it?), then I probably would’ve woken up this morning completely unaware until my mother called me at 12:09 to wish me a happy birthday.  12:09 is my official birth time, and mom has never missed a year! Although, you were 2 mins late this year, mom!

I’ve never been one to make a big to-do over my birthday.  After all, today’s just a Tuesday. I have to work like every other day.  Life goes on for everyone else.  In fact, I don’t usually mention that it’s my birthday at all. But for some reason, today was different.  I enjoyed telling customers and having them wish me a happy birthday.  My sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and nephews brought me cake and balloons at work, which was completely out of their way. It made me smile all afternoon and I proudly shared the cake with coworkers.  29. It feels like this year should be the start of something special. 29! Not yet 30! I still have 1 year before…..before what? Life is over?  That doesn’t seem right. 1 more year to make my 20s feel like they counted for something more than bad decisions, failed diets, and credit card debt?  Yup, that feels right.

29 is the year to make a difference.  I know this. It’s an awkward number, but one with so much potential!

I better have some of that cake before midnight!  That’s when cake turns back into asparagus, you know.


March 1, 2011

Patrick is one of  Humane Society of Harford County‘s senior residents.  Everyone loves and adores Patrick, but for some reason he always got passed over.  Maybe it’s his age?  I assure you, he’s got plenty of puppy left in that big pitbull body!  After being there just over a year, he’s finally been adopted!  No to brag, but I can’t help but think that refreshing his photos had something to do with it =)

Congrats Patrick! May you live out the rest of your days on a nice king sized bed!!!