Brooke and Jeff: A wedding 10 years in the making

December 15, 2010

On December 4th, 2010, 2 of my closest friends finally tied the knot! I’ve known Brooke and Jeff for 10 years now and got to watch them go from strangers, to friends, to Jeff falling hopelessly in love and Brooke being indifferent, to Brooke falling just as hard and making me the 3rd wheel through the rest of college.  All it took was a little Bon Jovi and a whole lot of Journey! =)

I wasn’t in the wedding, but instead got to be a witness and sign the marriage license, which in my book is WAY cooler.  I could have ruined the whole thing! Which I probably would have if I was in the wedding party. I’m a terrible bridesmaid. My speech would have been AWESOME.  Though maybe not- I’m also terrible at speaking in public, but the stories I could tell would be worth it.

I didn’t drag my camera out much because we were trying to have a relaxing weekend, but when I saw how beautiful the Hamlet Golf and Country Club is, I was so jealous.  I can’t wait to see her images when they come back from the photographer!  From what I could tell, he had some really great set ups for their portraits. Yup, still jealous.

So here is just one picture of how happy and in love my 2 friends are.  I’m officially the 3rd wheel now.  I signed off on it!

And one of me with the beautiful bride.  I would have liked to get one with both of them, but my trusty assistant Bryan was a few sheets to the wind and couldn’t operate a camera. I think we took 8-10 tries at this picture, which I’m sure was better in the first 3. My eyes have a bit of that “if you don’t get this right, I’ll kill you” in them.

Oh and they had a photobooth which was really fun. The line for it was always longer than for the bar.  I wish we had done more of these.  Not Bryan and I, but me and whoever we could cram into the booth at the time! Other people’s pictures looked so fun.

Happy Jack-iversary!

December 12, 2010

Today marks 1 year since Special Agent Jack Bauer wheedled her way into the apartment and declared us her humans.  She’s bitten, scratched, clawed, jumped, “Halloween Kitty”d and ran her way into our hearts for a whole year. Somehow, we’re still glad to have her even though she’s become quite moody….and hefty! The vet has now declared that 11.3 lb Fatty is overweight.  Poor Jack is going to have to go on a diet- and will probably eat my face in my sleep.  The vet tech laughed as she handed me the little 1/4 cup scoop and told me not to feel like I was starving them.  I actually  feel bad that I didn’t know this sooner!   The cats we had when I was a kid just ate out of a big bowl when they were hungry.  Two scoops per day, huh? I can only imagine how this will go over. Fatty is an emotional eater! The first thing she did when we got home was head for the kitchen.

This is day 2 of their diet, and so far so good. I was worried about House being hungry since he’s a lean, mean, ball of energy.  Surprisingly they don’t even eat the whole quarter-cup in one sitting so maybe they don’t even miss the bowl.  I should take a before and after picture like this is a Jenny Craig commercial.  She looks like a triangle right now when she sits. If this works, I’m going to start using the scoop to measure out a small cup of kibble for myself.  It sounds way more simple than any people diet on the market!

Some “through the year” photos to commemorate…

And to many more!

Harford County Pet Photography: Dottie and Ozzie

December 3, 2010

I had known Dottie from the shelter and was excited when her new human contacted me for the Adopt a Pitbull promotion I ran in the fall- which, if you missed might be repeated in the new year so stay tuned!  The more pitbulls I meet, the more I love them so I was really looking forward to the session- and then found out that Dave is a volunteer also.  Awesome!

At the house, I met Ozzie who I quickly fell in love with.  He’s a very well mannered gentleman, and I’m sure Dottie will learn a lot from him (and from Dave’s great training, of course).   We took the dogs for a walk down to a little cabin that’s used for school science exploration which is a beautiful area.  The weather held out on us and we even got periods of sun between the clouds.  It was a lot warmer than I expected it to be and the dogs got in a lot of romping.

Ozzie is what his humans like to lovingly refer to as a “Snackhound” since he’s a mix of…well, no one really knows. =)

Dottie isn’t ready for being off the least yet, but we were able to fake it! I love that spot.

Look at the smile!

Did someone say…..”treat”?

If you ever hesitate about adopting or fostering, just look at these faces!!

Charm City Animal Rescue of the Cumberland 4

November 30, 2010

It’s not often that you can feel like you were along for the ride on a major news story.  At least  it was a major news story to me and a large group of animal lovers!  Michelle from Charm City Animal Rescue was tipped off to some animals being mistreated in Cumberland, posted some videos on Facebook and YouTube and created an incredible buzz!  I know plenty of people all over the country were watching this unfold on Facebook, ready to transport, donate, or beat up some neglectful owners. With the help of the Dogs Deserve Better , a rescue group that focuses on giving dogs who live outside on chains a better life,  the police got involved, the owners agrees to a surrender, and the dogs are now going to live a much happier life!  They’re waiting on medical clearance to be put up for adoption and will be available to a new family soon.

It makes me smile that people who choose to make a difference actually can be successful!  Even with a few wrenches in the plan, everything turned out well for these 4. Hopefully, in the future, things will go just as well for the hundreds of other dogs like them.

Check out the story here as told on WBAL News:

Or read back through the Charm City Animal Rescue Facebook postings that started it all!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

November 29, 2010

So, you know you haven’t blogged in awhile when your mother asks why you’ve stopped blogging. Oops! At least one person out there thinks I’m funny, even if it’s the one who birthed me. She still counts, right? Hi mom!

I haven’t quite fallen off the face of the planet, but I bet I’m close to knowing what it feels like. Lots of sessions to blog and lots of work to catch up on before Christmas deadlines at the lab. The photography world is all hard at work right now, shooting last minute Christmas card sessions, ordering last minute Christmas cards and albums. Last minute seems to be a theme when it comes to the holidays. They’re the same time each year and you think you have plenty of time to plan, but nope. Each year they sneak up on you faster than before!

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to cook anything this year!
I’m also thankful for my 2 bratty cats. I’ll leave you with some pictures of what they do ALL THE TIME these days.

It all starts with a little innocent licking.

Then comes the face-kicking!

Then Jack throws her weight around and conquers poor House who loves every second of their playtime and doesn’t understand that her growling means, “STOP AND GO AWAY!”

Then I finally have to stop whatever I’m working on and go separate them until 20 minutes later when it starts all over again…

Oh cats!

Pitbulls Need Some Lovin’!

September 7, 2010

This month, I’ve decided to help the Humane Society of Harford County by offering over $500 worth of photography services to anyone who adopts a pitbull from them!  That’s a full photo session with up to 6 people and your new family member and you’ll receive a disk of 10 high resolution images with print rights!

The dog must be over 1 year of age since the puppies are always adopted regardless of breed.  Adopting some of their longer-term residents- Patrick, Zeus, Keno, Capone, Moe, Dottie, and Casper- will get you some extra special printed products.  Sessions must be scheduled before December 1, 2010.

If you’ve been wanting a great dog and some family photos, there couldn’t be a better time to do both! This promotion ends on Sept 30. =)

Baltimore Pet Photography: A Pug Named Boo

August 12, 2010

Boo is a stout little pug and walking isn’t much of her thing anymore, so we laid in the grass to take some photos.  And photo-taking is hard when her favorite thing is sitting on your shoe!

Jack’s Purple Foot

August 5, 2010

Bryan collects action figures.  Sometimes he’ll even customize them with paint, sculpting, or whatever he feels the figure needs to make it more true to the character.  Last night, he happened to be painting one purple.  While House snoozed on the desk in front of me, Jack decided she was interested in his painting process.  She tried batting at his paintbrush and eventually ended up stepping in the paint.

All of a sudden I heard a yell from the living room, and Bryan was screaming “Erika! Erika get out here! Jack! Jack, no! JACK!! It’s JACK!!!!”  I was scared out of my mind, thinking I was going to find a cat having a seizure or puking up blood.  Instead, I see Bryan chasing Jack across the living room and her leaving purple prints across the carpet! She only got it on one paw but it did some damage.  I quarantined her in the bathroom with some paper towels and Friskies treats and tried to scrub her foot clean.  Not a happy kitty!  The bathroom got covered in purple. Luckily, it’s  non toxic acrylic because between hissing, running, and my scrubbing, her poor paw is still purple but the carpet and bathroom cleaned up more easily.  Do they make paint brushes out of cat fur? Because they should!

Here’s a little picture I snapped with my phone of a perfect little paw print on the coffee table where it all started.

I almost don’t want to clean that one off =)