And on the 7th day…you should update your blog

April 27, 2010

There’s a road I commute on almost daily.   There are about 4 churches of varying religions on this stretch of road.  Three of them take weeks, sometimes nearly months, to change the marquis on the outside.   One of them updates very regularly.

I’m going to be honest here.  I’m not religious.  At all.  I have no problem with people doing their thing and  I’m sure the sense of community is nice.  It’s just not how I was raised.  I spent my freshman year at a Catholic school (and we’re Lutheran-long story!) arguing with the Theology teacher.  According to my mom’s parent teacher conference with him, he thought my perspective was refreshing.   And I was just trying to cause trouble. Ha!

But what if I suddenly decided that I wanted to join a church?  Which do I choose?  I can tell you which ones I wouldn’t chose.  Oh yeah, the three who don’t update their information! Pardon me if I’m wrong here, but Maundy Thursday is BEFORE Easter, right?  So why is one church still boasting about their service for that night? It was nearly a month ago!  The other 2 have Easter service signs and all of them had their Christmas Eve mass signs up well into the New Year.

That fourth church though- that’s the one. If someone said “Pick from these 4″, I’d certainly go with the one that updates.  I don’t even know which religion it actually is (I’ll have to look more closely next trip) but I’d chose it based on the fact that they care enough to refresh their marketing!  They seem to have a lot going on, like that’s where the party is. I pass by the first three and wonder if I went inside, would I find that it had closed down after their last service on Easter?

Get where I’m going here?  It’s like visiting a website a couple of times a month expecting fresh content and always seeing the same old info.  If you’re not going to update regularly, at least have a Twitter feed or something that says you haven’t completely abandoned ship!  I know we’re all guilty of letting life get in the way, but I’ve been inspired by Church #4.  Probably not inspired in the way a church is supposed to, but inspired nonetheless. I will find a schedule that works and update!  You should too. Take down your Christmas Eve sign already, it’s almost May!

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