Brooke and Jeff: A wedding 10 years in the making

December 15, 2010

On December 4th, 2010, 2 of my closest friends finally tied the knot! I’ve known Brooke and Jeff for 10 years now and got to watch them go from strangers, to friends, to Jeff falling hopelessly in love and Brooke being indifferent, to Brooke falling just as hard and making me the 3rd wheel through the rest of college.  All it took was a little Bon Jovi and a whole lot of Journey! =)

I wasn’t in the wedding, but instead got to be a witness and sign the marriage license, which in my book is WAY cooler.  I could have ruined the whole thing! Which I probably would have if I was in the wedding party. I’m a terrible bridesmaid. My speech would have been AWESOME.  Though maybe not- I’m also terrible at speaking in public, but the stories I could tell would be worth it.

I didn’t drag my camera out much because we were trying to have a relaxing weekend, but when I saw how beautiful the Hamlet Golf and Country Club is, I was so jealous.  I can’t wait to see her images when they come back from the photographer!  From what I could tell, he had some really great set ups for their portraits. Yup, still jealous.

So here is just one picture of how happy and in love my 2 friends are.  I’m officially the 3rd wheel now.  I signed off on it!

And one of me with the beautiful bride.  I would have liked to get one with both of them, but my trusty assistant Bryan was a few sheets to the wind and couldn’t operate a camera. I think we took 8-10 tries at this picture, which I’m sure was better in the first 3. My eyes have a bit of that “if you don’t get this right, I’ll kill you” in them.

Oh and they had a photobooth which was really fun. The line for it was always longer than for the bar.  I wish we had done more of these.  Not Bryan and I, but me and whoever we could cram into the booth at the time! Other people’s pictures looked so fun.

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