Busy, Busy, Busy!

November 29, 2010

So, you know you haven’t blogged in awhile when your mother asks why you’ve stopped blogging. Oops! At least one person out there thinks I’m funny, even if it’s the one who birthed me. She still counts, right? Hi mom!

I haven’t quite fallen off the face of the planet, but I bet I’m close to knowing what it feels like. Lots of sessions to blog and lots of work to catch up on before Christmas deadlines at the lab. The photography world is all hard at work right now, shooting last minute Christmas card sessions, ordering last minute Christmas cards and albums. Last minute seems to be a theme when it comes to the holidays. They’re the same time each year and you think you have plenty of time to plan, but nope. Each year they sneak up on you faster than before!

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to cook anything this year!
I’m also thankful for my 2 bratty cats. I’ll leave you with some pictures of what they do ALL THE TIME these days.

It all starts with a little innocent licking.

Then comes the face-kicking!

Then Jack throws her weight around and conquers poor House who loves every second of their playtime and doesn’t understand that her growling means, “STOP AND GO AWAY!”

Then I finally have to stop whatever I’m working on and go separate them until 20 minutes later when it starts all over again…

Oh cats!

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