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Cocktails for Cats- Saturday November 3, 2012

This past month has been hectic with fundraisers for Charm City Animal Rescue, BMore Humane, and BARCS. This is the last one on the calendar for CCAR this year, so come on our to Harvey’s Pub in Essex, MD! There are lots of raffles and prizes including a Pandora Bracelet, a “Basket of Cheer” (alcohol, […]

White Marsh Pet Photographer: Charm City Animal Rescue Foster Cat Domino

With sadness I must say that I’m no longer affiliated with HSHC. They’re sorely in need of policy changes and I hope to support those changes in the very near future.  That said, I made friends with Michelle and Charm City Animal Rescue and have started fostering!  I don’t know how often we’re going to […]

Bullies and Babies

Perhaps if you’re not Baltimore based, you haven’t heard about this controversy.  This article has now been edited to add that the dogs were mistakenly labeled as pitbulls, but not before 98 Rock’s morning show personalities had a breed-bashing session on air.  The broadcast certainly stirred up an enormous response that I doubt the station […]


Patrick is one of  Humane Society of Harford County‘s senior residents.  Everyone loves and adores Patrick, but for some reason he always got passed over.  Maybe it’s his age?  I assure you, he’s got plenty of puppy left in that big pitbull body!  After being there just over a year, he’s finally been adopted!  No […]

Bowser’s Boudoir Session

I’m usually not much into boudoir sessions. Most of the time I can’t even spell boudoir!  But when it involves a giant-headed pitbull, I’m all in!

Baltimore Child Photographer: Carlena

Carlena is now way bigger than you see in these pictures.  I fell behind on posting, and she’s growing up and we’ll have to do 3 month pictures to catch up! Actually, we might just have to do college graduation pictures because that’s how advanced she is.  I mean, she rolled over during our session […]

Happy Jack-iversary!

Today marks 1 year since Special Agent Jack Bauer wheedled her way into the apartment and declared us her humans.  She’s bitten, scratched, clawed, jumped, “Halloween Kitty”d and ran her way into our hearts for a whole year. Somehow, we’re still glad to have her even though she’s become quite moody….and hefty! The vet has […]

Harford County Pet Photography: Dottie and Ozzie

I had known Dottie from the shelter and was excited when her new human contacted me for the Adopt a Pitbull promotion I ran in the fall- which, if you missed might be repeated in the new year so stay tuned!  The more pitbulls I meet, the more I love them so I was really […]