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Charm City Animal Rescue of the Cumberland 4

It’s not often that you can feel like you were along for the ride on a major news story.  At least  it was a major news story to me and a large group of animal lovers!  Michelle from Charm City Animal Rescue was tipped off to some animals being mistreated in Cumberland, posted some videos […]

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So, you know you haven’t blogged in awhile when your mother asks why you’ve stopped blogging. Oops! At least one person out there thinks I’m funny, even if it’s the one who birthed me. She still counts, right? Hi mom! I haven’t quite fallen off the face of the planet, but I bet I’m close […]

Pitbulls Need Some Lovin’!

This month, I’ve decided to help the Humane Society of Harford County by offering over $500 worth of photography services to anyone who adopts a pitbull from them!  That’s a full photo session with up to 6 people and your new family member and you’ll receive a disk of 10 high resolution images with print […]

Baltimore Pet Photography: A Pug Named Boo

Boo is a stout little pug and walking isn’t much of her thing anymore, so we laid in the grass to take some photos.  And photo-taking is hard when her favorite thing is sitting on your shoe!

Baltimore Pet Photography: Walden the Boxer mix

Just one for today.  This cutie was just recently adopted from the shelter.

Baltimore Pet Photography: Baxter Loves Fetch

Baxter is a shy dachshund who will only be your friend if you play fetch with him.

Baltimore Pet Photography: GI Joe, a Real American Hero…and pitbull

Surprisingly, this energetic guy was very calm and easy to work with for our pet photography session.  I guess the sudden Maryland heatwave has gotten to everyone! His face is so symmetrical, it was easy to crop right down the middle. I love his doggie smile! That looks like the smile of a dog dreaming […]

Baltimore Pet Photography: What’s Better than a Kitten?

A bouquet of kittens! Doesn’t this seem like a pose you’d see on a wedding blog, not pet photography? =) I gotta thank my friend Stephanie for wrangling those little crazies for the photo.  She’s fostered enough litters to know how to handle double those guys, and more!