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Bullies and Babies: Hudson and Gavin

This Bullies and Babies shoot was so much fun. ┬áIt was a beautiful sunny day and Hudson was excited to get out and just run, while 3 year old Gavin was excited to get out and play with his buddy.    

Random Friday: I have a Problem

I have a problem. I have a cat attached at the hip! Over the past few weeks, House has decided that he loves me too much to ever leave my side. While this is cute in theory, it makes working incredibly difficult! He steals my chair when I get, claiming he’s “keeping it warm” yet […]

Happy 2010!

I’m so excited to get this year underway! I think it’s going to be spectacular. Bryan and I rang in the new year with great family and friends and that always gives me a good feeling about a new year. Starting it off with a new colorful look to the site and blog. I adore […]