Charm City Animal Rescue of the Cumberland 4

November 30, 2010

It’s not often that you can feel like you were along for the ride on a major news story.  At least  it was a major news story to me and a large group of animal lovers!  Michelle from Charm City Animal Rescue was tipped off to some animals being mistreated in Cumberland, posted some videos on Facebook and YouTube and created an incredible buzz!  I know plenty of people all over the country were watching this unfold on Facebook, ready to transport, donate, or beat up some neglectful owners. With the help of the Dogs Deserve Better , a rescue group that focuses on giving dogs who live outside on chains a better life,  the police got involved, the owners agrees to a surrender, and the dogs are now going to live a much happier life!  They’re waiting on medical clearance to be put up for adoption and will be available to a new family soon.

It makes me smile that people who choose to make a difference actually can be successful!  Even with a few wrenches in the plan, everything turned out well for these 4. Hopefully, in the future, things will go just as well for the hundreds of other dogs like them.

Check out the story here as told on WBAL News:

Or read back through the Charm City Animal Rescue Facebook postings that started it all!

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