Goodbye Purplesaurus!

May 7, 2011

Meet my purple Taurus, Purplesaurus.

I’ve only owned one car.  I’ve probably driven less than 10 in the 11 years since I started driving (NY doesn’t let you get a license until 17). It was used as a company car where my father worked and when its time with the company was over, my parents purchased it as a surprise for me.  For some reason I loved that car and they got a good deal so that 1996 bad boy was all mine.

Wondering about that color? Factory, baby!  It was a very limited color (probably a mistake!) called “Dusty Rose.”  The title to it actually says red.  Red!  I’ve seen VERY few, maybe around 25 of them, since I’ve had it, and I’ve seen them mostly when I’m out of state on some random trip. I liked that it was unique. Though I did always have a fear that someone who was mad at me would see it parked somewhere and mess with it. Luckily that never happened!

I took a trip home to NY in it, and it got me safely there and back. The next day, I had to work in Baltimore and it got me there and back as well. That day, our apartment complex was having trees trimmed so the guys asked if I could park somewhere else and I got back in her and tried to start her up. That’s when she took her last breath, and the ignition popped out. So sad! The tree guys didn’t believe me so they each took a turn trying to turn the key and saying “The ignition really did pop out!” The electricity managed to come on but we couldn’t turn it back off, so then I tried to pop the hood to disconnect the battery and the release didn’t work. I had to get a hammer and pry the hood up and then the tree guys disconnected the battery for me. I was laughing like a maniac because for some reason, each thing got funnier than the last. I guess when it rains it pours!

The picture is from when a guy from came to get it. I’ll admit, a few tears were shed. It was like losing a family member! The creeper maintenance guy sat eerily close to the car as the guy was hooking it up to get towed. He sits in the parking lot like that all the time…but that’s probably a post all of its own.

I had been looking at new cars because I had a feeling that was going to happen soon. She had stalled on me a time or 2 in the parking lot at home and I was starting not to trust that I was always going to get home safe. So that same day I ended up going out and getting a car that I was looking at, a blue Dodge Avenger.
blue dodge avenger from topcarpics.comfrom

Not the fanciest car out there, but I drove the least fancy car possible for 11 years so anything is an improvement! It’s roomy, has a lot of trunk space, and is fun to drive. The “serious” car reviews didn’t rate it very highly, but it was highly rated by all the people who actually owned one. After test driving it a few times, I decided to go with the owners’ opinions. And hey, at $4 a gallon for gas the 4 cylinder engine and 32 miles per gallon is pretty sweet.

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