Happy Jack-iversary!

December 12, 2010

Today marks 1 year since Special Agent Jack Bauer wheedled her way into the apartment and declared us her humans.  She’s bitten, scratched, clawed, jumped, “Halloween Kitty”d and ran her way into our hearts for a whole year. Somehow, we’re still glad to have her even though she’s become quite moody….and hefty! The vet has now declared that 11.3 lb Fatty is overweight.  Poor Jack is going to have to go on a diet- and will probably eat my face in my sleep.  The vet tech laughed as she handed me the little 1/4 cup scoop and told me not to feel like I was starving them.  I actually  feel bad that I didn’t know this sooner!   The cats we had when I was a kid just ate out of a big bowl when they were hungry.  Two scoops per day, huh? I can only imagine how this will go over. Fatty is an emotional eater! The first thing she did when we got home was head for the kitchen.

This is day 2 of their diet, and so far so good. I was worried about House being hungry since he’s a lean, mean, ball of energy.  Surprisingly they don’t even eat the whole quarter-cup in one sitting so maybe they don’t even miss the bowl.  I should take a before and after picture like this is a Jenny Craig commercial.  She looks like a triangle right now when she sits. If this works, I’m going to start using the scoop to measure out a small cup of kibble for myself.  It sounds way more simple than any people diet on the market!

Some “through the year” photos to commemorate…

And to many more!

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