Happy New Year!

January 5, 2011

After ending the year on a somewhat sad note, today we got GREAT news! Arwen got approved for a grant and the money we helped to raise got him home safely. Once everything was put into motion, it happened within hours! He’s already home resting in his new facility, and Jill is to follow tomorrow.  That’s an amazing way to start the year!

Within just a few days, over $6,000 was raised, and at last count yesterday, it was around $13,000!  I’m so amazed at the support he received from all over the country.  Especially grateful to those who’ve never even met him and were just supporting their friends’ friend!.  Why does it always take a tragic circumstance to have humans band together in such an inspiring way? But I digress.  Yay for him and Jill!

The journey to recovery is far from over, but I’m sure it will be easier to travel with the love and support of family and friends who are close by.  Me? I’m planning my travels back to NY very shortly!

Read and share the story here: http://www.arwenandjill.com

Now it’s back to your regularly scheduled photos of children and pets! There are a ton of sessions to catch up on now that the holiday madness is finally over!

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