Harford County Pet Photography: Dottie and Ozzie

December 3, 2010

I had known Dottie from the shelter and was excited when her new human contacted me for the Adopt a Pitbull promotion I ran in the fall- which, if you missed might be repeated in the new year so stay tuned!  The more pitbulls I meet, the more I love them so I was really looking forward to the session- and then found out that Dave is a volunteer also.  Awesome!

At the house, I met Ozzie who I quickly fell in love with.  He’s a very well mannered gentleman, and I’m sure Dottie will learn a lot from him (and from Dave’s great training, of course).   We took the dogs for a walk down to a little cabin that’s used for school science exploration which is a beautiful area.  The weather held out on us and we even got periods of sun between the clouds.  It was a lot warmer than I expected it to be and the dogs got in a lot of romping.

Ozzie is what his humans like to lovingly refer to as a “Snackhound” since he’s a mix of…well, no one really knows. =)

Dottie isn’t ready for being off the least yet, but we were able to fake it! I love that spot.

Look at the smile!

Did someone say…..”treat”?

If you ever hesitate about adopting or fostering, just look at these faces!!

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