Baltimore Child Photography: Hayden’s 6 months already

April 29, 2010

When Hayden’s daddies brought her home, it was right around the holidays. A little miracle!  She’s been growing so fast that we wanted to capture her before she went off to college!  The weather ruined our plans for an outdoor shoot, but cancelling was not an option. It took long enough to coordinate the shoot in the first place that we weren’t wasting it.  There were some fun Easter decorations around the house so we incorporated them in with the cute spring outfits, and little Hayden was good to go!

Daddy kept her laughing and smiling with goofy faces throughout the shoot.

What’s every 6 month old’s favorite time?  Naked time!

She’s juuuuuust about ready to sit up completely on her own, but sometimes wobbling would scare her a little and she’d reach out for Daddy to pick her up.

They had the cutest little flower headband.  I loved it! Hayden, not so much.  She has the look of a teenager whose grandma bought her a cheesy Christmas sweater and insist that she wears it to school.

These last 2 are my favorites.  She looks like a little Precious Moments statue with the duck!

I can’t wait to reschedule an outdoor shoot.  The weather here in Baltimore keeps playing with us.  Today and yesterday are highs of around 45 and the weekend is supposed to be 86!  Too cold for outdoors and then straight to face melting.  Where is Spring?!

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