Here’s the part….

December 16, 2009

Here’s the part where I tell you all about my new little friend and post pictures of her til you’re begging me to stop!

Friday night, I pulled into my usual parking space, got out of my car, and heard a meow- a pretty unfamiliar sound around our apartments.  I saw a cat running towards me and then it was rubbing against my legs.  I bent down and gave it a quick pet and started walking towards the main door.  It ran up ahead of me to the door so I said “Oh, do you live here, Kitty?” thinking that maybe it belonged to a new neighbor.  It ran right inside, and I continued on towards our apartment.  Next thing I know, there’s a cat standing in my living room….and I’m pretty sure I could hear that “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” song from Annie going through its head.

It was freezing outside so I couldn’t very well toss it back outside.  I messaged Bryan and said “I think I stole someone’s cat! Pick up a litter pan and some kitty litter?”  Of course that prompted a phone call back and I had to explain.  I gave the cat a can of tuna and she rubbed against me and purred.  She also ate half of my turkey sandwich and still wanted more. I sat down to watch some tv and she hopped up on the couch arm like it was hers. Bryan came home with the cat essentials and called it Special Agent Jack Bauer from the Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode where Frank and Dennis get a cop car from a junk yard.  Whatever, I didn’t know it was a she at the time!

I made some fliers and attempted to post them around the townhouses behind our apartment complex the next day.  I had no idea how many houses were back there and the weather was terrible. It was a freezing and rainy weekend and I couldn’t bear to send her out to see if she’d find her way home. When she finally settled down, I realized she was much smaller than I thought. She had just puffed herself up.  Monday, I took her to the vet for rabies shots, though it was too late. She was already sleeping in the bed!

I searched Craigslist and local stores for any missing kitty posters and nothing matched her description. Finders keepers!  I hadn’t wanted a pet for selfish reasons, but she was instantly so awesome that I can’t imagine a better fit into our lives!  Her second night, she went on a “mission” to rescue her food from the kitchen- knocking everything off the shelf and dragging an 8lb bag of cat food up the hallway to the bedroom.  I woke up in the morning and laughed so hard.  She also rescued us from some terrorist paper towels.  She definitely lives up to the name Jack Bauer! Nope, we didn’t rename her after finding out she’s a girl.

She’s a spunky little thing. The vet aged her around 8 months. She gallops around the apartment like a horse. I feel bad for the people below!  She makes a game out of anything, and she loves tossing that plastic lizard around the living room.  She’ll jump straight into the air, run sideways, and do somersaults to attack her target, which is often our unsuspecting feet trying to walk down the hall. See the height she’s getting on that laser? haha

I love the little devil.  Seems like a little Christmas miracle! Let’s see if I still feel that way after another week…

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