I am Not a Wedding Photographer

October 15, 2009

Nope, I’m not a wedding photographer.  I love looking at all the beautiful wedding photography from the people who are, but it’s just not the path I’ve chosen thus far.  When my best friend Lauren married her high school sweetheart Jon, I couldn’t help but bring my camera and try my hand at a few shots, though it was hard since I was a bridesmaid! I didn’t want to lug around gear when I should have been enjoying myself so I just brought the basics. I tried to stay out of the hired photographer’s way as much as possible because I didn’t want to step on his toes.  Lauren wanted a more traditional style for the photos so I let him do the posing and tried to snap some more candid shots- when I wasn’t supposed to be in them!

The day was beautiful, sunny and crisp fall weather. The venue was beautifully laid out, with the ceremony overlooking a lake, shaded by the changing leaves.  Inside, the cocktail hour was in the wine cellar, then we were guided up into the large reception hall.  Lauren and Jon have been together around 8 years, so this day was a long time in the making! Everyone already felt like family so it was easy to just relax and have fun.

Did I mention there were PEACOCKS?! I think that automatically made it the coolest wedding I’ve ever seen. It’ll take a lot to outdo peacocks in my book! Unfortunately they were caged in, but if I were missing for long, everyone knew where to find me.

Julie, Lauren, and I (shot by Bryan).   We went to Towson University together and have remained great friends. Lauren and I even lived together for awhile. And if it wasn’t for our pesky boyfriends, err now husband, we probably still would be! One day, we’ll have houses on the same street and will be able to borrow sugar like all TV neighbors do.

Lots of toasting going on in the bridal suite!

By reception time, I was no longer fit to be carrying the camera, much less actually trying to work it! I’m not much of a drinker so I never know how different alcohols will  hit me. Well whatever wine they were serving had me up and dancing, that’s for sure!

Congrats to Lauren and Jon! Thanks for not choosing me as your wedding photographer!

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