Inspiration Through Wedding Photography

July 2, 2010

I’ve been trying to cram lots of things in this week so I could take some time off and enjoy the weekend, but realized I didn’t prepare any blog posts! As I was blog stalking earlier, I realized that you  might enjoy them too.  Although I don’t do weddings, I love looking at the blogs of wedding photographers.  They always seem to have interesting styles and ideas- oh and beautiful images.  On with the eye candy!

If you’re getting married in NY, you need one of these 2 to shoot it!

Kimberly Hurst – Kim and I worked together eons ago at a record store.  I had my first digital point and shoot (A Fujifilm- 1 megapixel!!!) back then and would chase everyone around with it and make (Geocities!) websites of the photos.  She went the scholarly route and took photography in college and I love all her work!

Angelica Glass - Angelica and I became friends through music and both did a lot of concert photography.  I stuck with concerts and she went on to shoot weddings and become famous =) Rightly so, because her work is amazing and her style is so unique!

If you’re in MD, look these ladies up.  Even though I don’t know either of them personally, I love their work.

Meaghan Elliot

Kristen Leigh

And some other faves. I like that they’re such a different style from mine, but their images are so consistent.

Chenin Boutwell

Mark and Candice Brooke

Amelia Lyon

If we ever actually set a date for our wedding, I would book all of them!

And this site is just filled with cool things: Rock N Roll Bride

Enjoy the long weekend!

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