Jack’s Purple Foot

August 5, 2010

Bryan collects action figures.  Sometimes he’ll even customize them with paint, sculpting, or whatever he feels the figure needs to make it more true to the character.  Last night, he happened to be painting one purple.  While House snoozed on the desk in front of me, Jack decided she was interested in his painting process.  She tried batting at his paintbrush and eventually ended up stepping in the paint.

All of a sudden I heard a yell from the living room, and Bryan was screaming “Erika! Erika get out here! Jack! Jack, no! JACK!! It’s JACK!!!!”  I was scared out of my mind, thinking I was going to find a cat having a seizure or puking up blood.  Instead, I see Bryan chasing Jack across the living room and her leaving purple prints across the carpet! She only got it on one paw but it did some damage.  I quarantined her in the bathroom with some paper towels and Friskies treats and tried to scrub her foot clean.  Not a happy kitty!  The bathroom got covered in purple. Luckily, it’s  non toxic acrylic because between hissing, running, and my scrubbing, her poor paw is still purple but the carpet and bathroom cleaned up more easily.  Do they make paint brushes out of cat fur? Because they should!

Here’s a little picture I snapped with my phone of a perfect little paw print on the coffee table where it all started.

I almost don’t want to clean that one off =)

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