Baltimore Pet Photography: Freeroaming Peacocks at the Philly Zoo

June 4, 2010

There is one reason I love the Philadelphia Zoo: the peacocks!  Peacocks are such strange animals, and I love that they roam freely around the zoo.  Maybe they do at other zoos as well, but not the Baltimore one.  We stopped to eat lunch next to some prairie dogs, and the peacocks were just strolling along, like they were people on their way to pick up a burger from the concession stands.  It cracked me up each time I saw one in a random animal’s cage. I’m not really sure where they were even supposed to be!

I love that this prairie dog looks like some private investigator from an old movie. “See, what ya got here, Sonny, is…”

I know that blank cat stare all too well.

One day, I might take a penguin home with me.  They seem a little cleaner and friendlier than the peacocks. Plus they do tricks for their fish.

Yes, zoos are one of my favorite places to go on weekends. I’ll need another fix soon!

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