Purple Baltimore

January 25, 2010

Being a native New Yorker, I never really had a loyalty towards any specific sports team.  Oh, especially because I’ve never really been into sports!  Of course, if my dad asked, I’d enthusiastically say the Mets and Jets so I don’t break his heart.  New York has 2 teams for just about everything, plus tons of people are transplants who root for the teams of their former city.   Being in Baltimore is completely different!  The people here rally around football and the Ravens are their baby.  In fact, you’d think they were on the team the way successes are celebrated and losses are mourned!

I can’t say it makes sports more exciting for me, but the solidarity is sort of nice.  My favorite thing about when the Ravens do well is that Purple Friday is declared.  Purple Friday allows everyone from retail clerks to high ranking city officials to forgo their normal attire and wear a jersey.  The city is also all lit up in purple.

I really wanted to get down into the city and photograph all the purple lights.  Unfortunately, they lost before I was able to do so, but Bryan drove me down just to see what was left, and there wasn’t much.

So here are 2 pretty terrible photos from the car window that I probably shouldn’t even share…

Like that window display? Don’t ever think we’d see that in NY! The Legg Mason sign is in purple too.


Next year.  Next year, I  WILL get down there in time to see the whole city in purple! I’m putting that on my goal list right….now.

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