Red Lion Child Photography: Abigail is 4 Days Old

May 6, 2010

Went to visit newly born Abigail in her parent’s beautiful home in Red Lion, PA.  It’s only about an hour outside of Baltimore, but the vibe is so much more quiet.  The town we drove through to get to the house is very interesting. It looks like it has a lot of history and some quirky places that would be great to shoot such as the old library or gas stations.  Plus, the added benefit of nice open country fields. Many locations in a short distance is of course, a photographer’s dream!

Abby is only 4 days old, but she’s alert and active! She was watching me and my camera during the whole shoot…and she better get used to it! ;) Her Grandma is going to be supplementing shoots with her camera phone!

Aunt Hollie has 2 boys and is loving her new little niece.  It was hard to pry the baby out of her hands.

That’s why this little outfit is the best.  I want to shoot her in it, with a nice big pink headband!

This is just the first start to what I’m sure will be a very large collection of shoes.  Not because of her mommy, but her daddy! Ryan is a skater and has more sneakers than any male I’ve ever seen. Considering I’m also a sneaker addict, his collection makes me jealous!

Mommy and Abby

Daddy and his new little girl.

And this is the first batch of many to come!

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