Each session is tailored to your needs, or the needs of your child. There’s no set time limit, but sessions generally last between 1-2 hours. The aim is a relaxed and natural atmosphere, and rushing a cranky kid won’t get us anywhere!

Each session has a creative fee of $150. This covers a consultation, travel, shooting time, editing, and custom site for ordering prints. This fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your date.

Portrait collections start at $350. For a complete list of products and pricing, contact

What to Wear

What you or your children wear to a session depends on the look of the portrait you’re trying to capture. I suggest first deciding on how and where the portrait will be displayed. Is it going on your living room wall? Then incorporate colors of the room into your outfits. Do you have red accents in your bedroom? Then a red shirt would be perfect! Will a large portrait be given to Grandma whose couch is a dusty rose floral? Pick a color out of the print that’s complimentary.

For family portraits, don’t feel the need to dress alike! As long as everyone’s color palette is complimentary, you’ll get fantastic photos. After all, you want the kids to be able to bring friends home and not worry about a gallery wrapped matching sailor outfits photo, right? One easy way to have everyone similar but not the same is with your choice of pants. If everyone sticks to jeans or khakis, the look is very cohesive. Of course girls look adorable in little dresses which can be a great way to add color. Layering clothing also looks great in photos.

The more easily you can incorporate your portraits into your living space, the more you will love them! If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear, let me help. You can even bring along several options and we can play with some different styles and ideas for variety.