Harford County Children Photography: A Special Holiday Session

January 31, 2011

This session was special to me because the family was the winner of the Bow Wow Boogie auction in the spring.  Of course I have a special place in my heart for the families that support the animals!

I did learn a lesson on this shoot: NEVER trust GPS!  Make sure to get directions straight from the client, especially when the main road has segments that don’t connect. I felt awful about the lost time, especially when I got there and Miss M was screaming “I don’t wanna take pictures!”  Uh oh!

Luckily, mom was prepared.  A box of orange Tic Tacs did the trick! haha. I might have to add those to my arsenal! =)  We played around and I showed her my camera and then Miss M and her little sister warmed right up. Or should I say hammed it up?

“Watch me twirl!”

We started inside and tried to get a nice Christmas photo.

2 girls christmas photo

But the weather for November was SO nice that we just had to get outside for a bit.

We climbed up and down stairs and colored with chalk.

Miss M got a little sassy and went all fashion model on me.

We played hopscotch, and both girls were way better than me!

We ended the day by Miss M showing me her room and all her “secret” stashes of books.  I got to see her bed diving skills and then her sister, Little Miss M brought out all her accessories to show me.  When we were done playing for the morning, I’m sure great naps were had by all,  including Rosie below.

I’m excited for the next Boogie to be coming around the corner!

9 Responses to “Harford County Children Photography: A Special Holiday Session”

  1. Those have to be just about the cutest outfits I’ve ever seen. :D Love the shot of her going up the stairs! :)

  2. LOVE it! Oh my word she’s adorable. As I’m about to have a baby boy (next week) this gets me so exited to have kids!

  3. those dresses are so cute – and the subjects are adorable! love the hop-scotch shot…reminds me of my little girl!

  4. Aw! they are too cute!! Love their dresses.

  5. Look at that cute hair!! So fun and love the creative hop-scotch pic too! Let’s not forget that beautiful dog Rosie either!! Such fun!

  6. They are so cute!! I especially like #3 and #5! And of course the dog!! So cute!:)

  7. the third one from the bottom, so cuteee! she looks like a little model :)

  8. How cute are they!

  9. Those 2 outside portraits are adorable! What cute little girls!!

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