Baltimore Pet Photography: What’s Better than a Kitten?

A bouquet of kittens! Doesn’t this seem like a pose you’d see on a wedding blog, not pet photography? =) I gotta thank my friend Stephanie for wrangling those little crazies for the photo.  She’s fostered enough litters to know how to handle double those guys, and more!

Baltimore Pet Photographer: Fat Birdies

When my aunt caught wind of our new cats, she sent presents.  A box from Amazon showed up one day, and it was filled with books about cats! I grew up with cats but it’s been so long since I’ve lived with any, and they were outdoor cats.  Reading the books refreshed me on cat […]

I am Not a Wedding Photographer

Nope, I’m not a wedding photographer.  I love looking at all the beautiful wedding photography from the people who are, but it’s just not the path I’ve chosen thus far.  When my best friend Lauren married her high school sweetheart Jon, I couldn’t help but bring my camera and try my hand at a few […]