Baltimore Child Photography: Naked time!

Peeling back layers of the dress/outfit always gives kids a certain kind of smile.  They know it’s naked time!

Baltimore Child Photography: Hayden’s 6 months already

When Hayden’s daddies brought her home, it was right around the holidays. A little miracle!  She’s been growing so fast that we wanted to capture her before she went off to college!  The weather ruined our plans for an outdoor shoot, but cancelling was not an option. It took long enough to coordinate the shoot […]

Aidan Hates Soccer

When I found out that Aidan joined a soccer team and they play only a mile or so from our apartment, I knew there was no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than watching 4 year olds play soccer.  The thought of uncoordinated 4 year olds chasing a ball made me happy to no […]

Pickin’ Pumpkins

There’s a great old pumpkin farm nearby that’s supposed to have hayrides and all sorts of things.  Of course the day we went it was all shut down!  We were still able to play on some parts, like this wonderful old bus.  The kids absolutely loved it! They kept trying to drag me in so […]