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Patrick is one of  Humane Society of Harford County‘s senior residents.  Everyone loves and adores Patrick, but for some reason he always got passed over.  Maybe it’s his age?  I assure you, he’s got plenty of puppy left in that big pitbull body!  After being there just over a year, he’s finally been adopted!  No […]

Bowser’s Boudoir Session

I’m usually not much into boudoir sessions. Most of the time I can’t even spell boudoir!  But when it involves a giant-headed pitbull, I’m all in!

Baltimore Child Photographer: Carlena

Carlena is now way bigger than you see in these pictures.  I fell behind on posting, and she’s growing up and we’ll have to do 3 month pictures to catch up! Actually, we might just have to do college graduation pictures because that’s how advanced she is.  I mean, she rolled over during our session […]

Harford County Children Photography: A Special Holiday Session

This session was special to me because the family was the winner of the Bow Wow Boogie auction in the spring.  Of course I have a special place in my heart for the families that support the animals! I did learn a lesson on this shoot: NEVER trust GPS!  Make sure to get directions straight […]

Baltimore Pet Photography: A Pug Named Boo

Boo is a stout little pug and walking isn’t much of her thing anymore, so we laid in the grass to take some photos.  And photo-taking is hard when her favorite thing is sitting on your shoe!

Baltimore Pet Photography: Walden the Boxer mix

Just one for today.  This cutie was just recently adopted from the shelter.

Baltimore Pet Photography: Baxter Loves Fetch

Baxter is a shy dachshund who will only be your friend if you play fetch with him.

Baltimore Pet Photography: GI Joe, a Real American Hero…and pitbull

Surprisingly, this energetic guy was very calm and easy to work with for our pet photography session.  I guess the sudden Maryland heatwave has gotten to everyone! His face is so symmetrical, it was easy to crop right down the middle. I love his doggie smile! That looks like the smile of a dog dreaming […]