And on the 7th day…you should update your blog

There’s a road I commute on almost daily.   There are about 4 churches of varying religions on this stretch of road.  Three of them take weeks, sometimes nearly months, to change the marquis on the outside.   One of them updates very regularly. I’m going to be honest here.  I’m not religious.  At all. […]

Baltimore Child Photography: Music’s what I need to keep my sanity!

Today was easily one of the worst days of my life.  I’m talking really, really terrible, stressful, and unlucky. Let’s just say that everything that could go wrong did.  It included being woken up by a cat fight, vomit, a bee sting, and multiple accidents involving my car.  After I told Bryan all my tales […]

Inspiration: The Buried Life

It’s been a long, long, LONG time since I’ve even watched an MTV program.  Then while snowed in, I watch this show on a whim, and it’s actually inspiring??   I had to double check the channel more than once. For those of you who have never seen it, it stars four 20-something guys . […]