Baltimore Child Photographer: Carlena

Carlena is now way bigger than you see in these pictures.  I fell behind on posting, and she’s growing up and we’ll have to do 3 month pictures to catch up! Actually, we might just have to do college graduation pictures because that’s how advanced she is.  I mean, she rolled over during our session […]

Baltimore Child Photographer: Before You Were Born, Sophia

Jessica and Tony wanted some cute maternity photos so we hit up Gunpowder State Park for the evening.  We caught some great light to showcase Jess’ baby bump.  Speaking of the baby bump, little Sophia should be making an appearance any time now!  It seems like all babies are trying to stay inside mama as […]

Red Lion Child Photography: Abigail is 4 Days Old

Went to visit newly born Abigail in her parent’s beautiful home in Red Lion, PA.  It’s only about an hour outside of Baltimore, but the vibe is so much more quiet.  The town we drove through to get to the house is very interesting. It looks like it has a lot of history and some […]

Baltimore Child Photographer: Welcome to the World, Abigail!

We swore Jen was going to have a boy.  I had a dream that it was a boy.  The baby shower cake somehow ended up blue.  When people gave her little outfits with butterflies on the butt, we joked about him wearing them inside out or as pajamas when no one was around. Well, this […]