Bowser’s Boudoir Session

I’m usually not much into boudoir sessions. Most of the time I can’t even spell boudoir!  But when it involves a giant-headed pitbull, I’m all in!

Baltimore Pet Photography: Baxter Loves Fetch

Baxter is a shy dachshund who will only be your friend if you play fetch with him.

Baltimore Pet Photographer: Fat Birdies

When my aunt caught wind of our new cats, she sent presents.  A box from Amazon showed up one day, and it was filled with books about cats! I grew up with cats but it’s been so long since I’ve lived with any, and they were outdoor cats.  Reading the books refreshed me on cat […]

Baltimore Pet Photography: Bow Wow Boogie

One of the Humane Society’s biggest fundraisers each year is the Bow Wow Boogie- an all you can eat and drink buffet with dancing, gambling, and silent and live auctions.  It’s held at the Richlin Ballroom in Edgewood, MD which seems to be the only venue in Harford County that can hold enough people.  There […]

One crazy week: Baltimore Child Photographer

Monday, March 15, was my 28th birthday.  It feels weird to be another year older, but 2010 seems promising, and a birthday is almost like its own separate new year.  Starting fresh again, I really hope to move towards big things this year! That said, my nephew’s 2nd birthday was on March 17th and my […]