Patrick is one of  Humane Society of Harford County‘s senior residents.  Everyone loves and adores Patrick, but for some reason he always got passed over.  Maybe it’s his age?  I assure you, he’s got plenty of puppy left in that big pitbull body!  After being there just over a year, he’s finally been adopted!  No […]

Bowser’s Boudoir Session

I’m usually not much into boudoir sessions. Most of the time I can’t even spell boudoir!  But when it involves a giant-headed pitbull, I’m all in!

Baltimore Pet Photography: GI Joe, a Real American Hero…and pitbull

Surprisingly, this energetic guy was very calm and easy to work with for our pet photography session.  I guess the sudden Maryland heatwave has gotten to everyone! His face is so symmetrical, it was easy to crop right down the middle. I love his doggie smile! That looks like the smile of a dog dreaming […]

Baltimore Pet Photography: Ice Cream the Pit bull

I have to admit that I never really cared about pit bulls one way or the other.  I didn’t find them scary and dangerous, and I didn’t think that they were the most awesome, cutest dogs ever.  Well, my opinion is starting to sway, and it’s definitely leaning toward awesome!  Every pit bull I’ve met […]