Paging Dr. House

We did it.  We got another cat.  Special Agent Jack Bauer was getting sort of clingy and really ruining my productivity by sitting in front of the computer, or on the keyboard, or on papers I need.  I figured she might benefit from a friend. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I began […]

Baltimore Child Photography: Music’s what I need to keep my sanity!

Today was easily one of the worst days of my life.  I’m talking really, really terrible, stressful, and unlucky. Let’s just say that everything that could go wrong did.  It included being woken up by a cat fight, vomit, a bee sting, and multiple accidents involving my car.  After I told Bryan all my tales […]

The Neon Fish

We spent Christmas this year at my cousin’s house.  Well, her boyfriend’s house that she also lives in.  Man friend? At what age is “boyfriend” no longer appropriate?  I do like “partner” but that probably leads people to believe I’m talking about another woman.  Hmm.  Well, perhaps nomenclature is too far off topic since all […]

One crazy week: Baltimore Child Photographer

Monday, March 15, was my 28th birthday.  It feels weird to be another year older, but 2010 seems promising, and a birthday is almost like its own separate new year.  Starting fresh again, I really hope to move towards big things this year! That said, my nephew’s 2nd birthday was on March 17th and my […]

This is Way Too Much Snow- and I Want More

Whenever the weathermen call for blizzards, I laugh. We never get anywhere near what the forecasts call for and people panic anyway.  This time, I knew things would be different. Why? Because I had several shoots planned for my weekend trip to New Jersey!  If I had no plans, this would’ve never happened!  I’m not […]

Mother’s Day Shoot: Baltimore Portrait Photographer

When trying to think of the perfect gift, I think a lot of people forget that a simple photo can be just the thing! They’re timeless and can certainly make a mother happy! What mom doesn’t want to capture every moment of her child growing up? They shoot up before you know it!  I was […]