The Neon Fish

March 23, 2010

We spent Christmas this year at my cousin’s house.  Well, her boyfriend’s house that she also lives in.  Man friend? At what age is “boyfriend” no longer appropriate?  I do like “partner” but that probably leads people to believe I’m talking about another woman.  Hmm.  Well, perhaps nomenclature is too far off topic since all I want to do is a post a picture of this fish!

Her partner/boyfriend/manfriend love fish.  I’ve noticed that fish seem to be a guy thing and he’s no different.  She’ll take in any stray cat off the street, but he’s got his fish.  The tank has a neon yellow light and made all the fish glow so I snapped a few pictures to entertain myself while dinner was cooking.  I had all the pictures from Christmas printed for my aunt and I decided to print this fish.  The picture has been sitting in a pile on my desk for a few weeks now and I’ve been meaning to put it away but I can’t stop looking at it.  The neon-y yellow goodness is much more than I expected and if fish have expressions, I believe this one looks a little grumpy. Maybe I should’ve asked if it was ok to take the photo?   I’m also enjoying the blue logo against the yellow so I’m thinking I might have to get it enlarged for the bedroom (the same blue is on the walls).  Funny how the simple experiments can be the ones you end up enjoying most!

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