This is Way Too Much Snow- and I Want More

February 6, 2010

Whenever the weathermen call for blizzards, I laugh. We never get anywhere near what the forecasts call for and people panic anyway.  This time, I knew things would be different. Why? Because I had several shoots planned for my weekend trip to New Jersey!  If I had no plans, this would’ve never happened!  I’m not sure what the official count is, but I know we got over 2ft!  It was up to my waist in some places and above knee level in most. I was afraid to bring the camera out because I kept nearly doing faceplants in the snow.  Sink in, try to take another step, sink in further, twist your ankle…all in a day’s work while trying to dig your car out of the mess, right?  After clearing a path, I wrapped the camera in several plastic bags and ventured out for a few shots of “Snowpacalypse 2010″ as its being called.

I love this tree and the snow broke the poor thing!

I’m not sure any of the pics even show the full amount of snow.

Bryan threatened me with a snowball the size of his head.

From the window after  falling on my butt and going inside before I broke something.

Jack was peering through the ice out the window, watching all the shoveling.

Perhaps I’ll try venturing out again tomorrow when the sun isn’t sinking and the plows have a chance to dig out all the roads.  It’s currently all freezing and driving might be dangerous for the next few days. Be careful, East coast people!  Oh, and the forecast calls for more snow on Tuesday.  Crazy!

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