White Marsh Pet Photographer: Charm City Animal Rescue Foster Cat Domino

April 17, 2011

With sadness I must say that I’m no longer affiliated with HSHC. They’re sorely in need of policy changes and I hope to support those changes in the very near future.  That said, I made friends with Michelle and Charm City Animal Rescue and have started fostering!  I don’t know how often we’re going to do it since our living situation isn’t ideal for keeping Jack and House separated from the foster for long.  But it’s exciting to make even a small difference to these kitties.  It’s good to have a place to volunteer while waiting on Luna’s House to get up and running in their new building.

Our first foster kitty came and went really fast.  Bryan fell in love instantly because he was a big cuddle bug.  Bryan desperately wants a lap cat which ours are not.  Well, not for him. House will lay on me.  Especially in the middle of the night when I don’t even know it! Ha. Domino’s quarantine room was Bryan’s video game room so they got to spend a lot of quality time together. Domino was adopted within a week so he only got to hang out for a few days but he enjoyed watching birds with our cats and running up and down the hallway with House.  I think House liked having a running partner. Jack is very moody about her exercising!

Anyway, now Domino is in his forever home with a woman who loves him which makes me happy. Bryan prefers not to talk about it. ;)


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